We are committed to the concept that learning and appreciating art is a fun, healthy and life-enhancing activity and experience. Our classes for adults are offered in either 7 or 8 week terms throughout the year. Adult students have the added benefit of more than 15 hours of open studio time each week to come in and work on their own.

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All About Clay

Learn a variety of ceramic techniques including hand-building, wheel throwing, decorating techniques, and glazing! Once you have gained a core skill set in how to work with clay, you can create whatever forms you wish under the guidance of our instructors.

Outside of scheduled classes, registration allows you access to scheduled open studio times. All tools and materials are at your disposal with the exception of the clay itself. Pieces will be fired within two weeks at no cost unless they are unusually large or numerous.

Perfect for all skill sets from ceramics beginners who want to learn the basics to clay experts who want to try more advanced techniques.

7 PM to 9 PM Tuesdays or
10 AM to 12 PM Thursdays or
7 PM to 9 PM Thursdays

Instructors: Del Seaman, Julie Harbers, Cinder Henderson, Sheila Brocato, Kristine Hayward, Kate Lake
8-week term

$275 (plus $20 bag of clay)

Beginning Wheel Throwing

Ever wanted to learn how to throw on the pottery wheel? Instructor, Ana Edwards, will guide you through the basics and have you making pottery in no time. Learn the fundamental terms and techniques from wedging to centering to trimming so that you can make your own wheel thrown pottery. The cost for the class is $150 plus $20 for a 25 lb bag of clay. There are Artistic Hand owned tools available to borrow while in the studio, though if you decide to continue it is highly recommended that you purchase your own. In addition to class time, we offer open-studio times during the week when you can work independently on the skills you’ve learned. Open-studio times are posted on the studio door and are subject to teacher and staff availability.

7 PM to 9 PM Mondays

Instructors: Ana Edwards
8-week term

$275 (plus $20 bag of clay)

Advanced Wheel Throwing

Take your wheel throwing to the next level in this Advanced Wheel Throwing class taught by expert Cinder Henderson. You will gain experience with new techniques to become a better thrower and decorator of your pots.

Please call the gallery at 407-366-7882 to make sure your experience level fits with this class.

7 PM to 9 PM Wednesdays

Instructors: Cinder Henderson
8-week term

$275 (plus $20 bag of clay)

Beginner/Intermediate Drawing

Take your drawing to the next level with this course designed especially for beginning and intermediate artists. Explore how to use line, light, color, and shape to make an impactful composition. You will work from both photos and still life. Begin simply with pen and paper and move into a medium that interests you.

There is a basic materials list that each student should have, but other dry and semi-dry mediums are encouraged.

7 PM to 9 PM Mondays

Instructors: Petra Schreiber
8-week term

$165 (plus materials)

Painting, Drawing & More

This class is for people who are interested in learning a new skill, refining their drawing skills, or wanting to work with paints – from water color to water soluble oils. The class is available to any skill level, from beginners to advanced. Teens interested in this class should be 16 years of age or older, self-driven with an ability to work independently and have specific goals in mind. No two people work on the same image/subject and all artists learn to work in a variety of media of their choosing.
9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Saturdays

Instructor: Valerie Kelley
7-week term

$165 (plus materials)